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Where We've Been / RBAP History

From a sole practice to a thriving partnership
RBAP traces its inception to 1991 when Ross J. Radcliffe joined another attorney to form a law firm that practiced public law/public finance.   Prior to entering the public law practice at his own firm, Mr. Radcliffe worked at a Houston law firm where he practiced various types of litigation. Since joining the firm, Mr. Radcliffe has developed a public law/public finance practice, representing numerous utility districts and other governmental entities.

In 2001, Robin S. Bobbitt joined the firm as a named member, adding to the experience and expertise of the firm in the representation of governmental entities. Previously, Ms. Bobbitt had been a shareholder in the Houston office of an international law firm. In addition to representing numerous utility districts and other types of entities as their general counsel and bond counsel, Ms. Bobbitt serves as general counsel to the North Harris County Regional Water Authority and to the Association of Water Board Directors – Texas.

Regina D. Adams joined the firm in 2011 as a member. Prior to taking on her new role as a firm member, Ms. Adams was an associate with a previous firm for eight (8) years, representing numerous special districts and other types of governmental entities. Prior to joining the firm, Ms. Adams was a staff attorney with a local redevelopment authority.

In June 2014, Jonathan D. Polley became a member of the firm.  Mr. Polley first joined RBAP in 2007 and serves as general counsel, bond counsel and special counsel to numerous types of special districts.  Prior to his tenure with RBAP, Mr. Polley practiced construction litigation in Houston.

The diverse experience of the firm's members in public law, including the areas of public finance, administrative, utility, environmental and land use law, as well as other areas of law, offers the ability to meet the varied needs of the firm's clients in a way which is unmatched by other similar firms.

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