Our team approach helps us maintain reasonable fees, while providing high-caliber service to our clients. We are willing to work with each client to develop a fee structure that accommodates its specific needs, including:        

Hourly fees: Generally, we bill based upon the hourly rate of each team member and the actual time devoted to the client.  We always provide a detailed invoice describing the work performed.

Flat fees:  This fee structure allows a client to precisely budget for legal expenses. Upon request, we will work with a client to develop a flat fee that addresses routine monthly business or specific legal tasks. Under this arrangement, we will bill for services outside the flat fee agreement on an hourly basis.

Transactional Flat Fees:   Since it is customary in the financial industry for legal fees for loan documentation preparation to be passed onto the borrower, JRPB normally bills these fees on a flat fee basis or, in connection with complex transactions, a combination of flat fee and hourly rate per transaction.

No-Cost Transition
To reduce transition costs for each new public entity client, we waive all fees for our initial review of the client’s files. Upon receipt, we conduct a comprehensive review of each new client’s files so that we can promptly learn about the most important aspects of its business.