We have four Members:  Ross J. Radcliffe, Robin S. Bobbitt, Regina D. Adams and Jonathan D. Polley.

The Members are joined by exceptional attorneys as well as an elite group of professional support staff.

Our experience and dedication to our clients have afforded us the ability to efficiently and effectively prevent problems and provide practical and reasonable solutions to clients' challenges.  Together, we offer expertise in Public Law, Public Finance, Real Estate and Non-Profit Organizations


     Ross J. Radcliffe, Member
     Robin S. Bobbitt, Member
     Regina D. Adams, Member
     Jon D. Polley, Managing Member
     Elliot M. Barner, Associate

     Monica A. Garza, Associate
     John-Thomas Foster, Associate


     Diane F. Brewer
     Rita R. Rodriguez
     Carla A. Christensen
     Alison A. Miller

Legal Secretaries